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The Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion and Framing

Window frames manufactured from aluminium through the extrusion process have become great favourites with architects. Iconic buildings that now dominate the skylines of many major cites around the world are fitted with thousands of aluminium window frames that have been produced in large quantities at cost-effective prices. Designs incorporating extruded aluminium frames combine reliability, low maintenance and economy.

The Strength of Extruded Aluminium

The extrusion process involves heating aluminium to enable it be forced through a die. Shapes that include the complex cross-sectional profiles of frames that are suitable for single, double or triple-glazed window surrounds can be manufactured into seamless units that are then simply and efficiently installed. The extrusion process increases the strength of the aluminium ensuring its use adds to the reliability of any domestic or commercial project. Frames of extruded aluminium never warp or shrink like those manufactured from timber.

Easy to maintain

Window frames made of extruded aluminium provide a lifetime guarantee of anti-corrosive properties. Their installation ensures longevity is combined with virtually no maintenance yet they retain the smart, aesthetic appearance of when they were brand new. Aluminium has a natural resistance to rust through a fine layer of aluminium oxide on its surface. The extrusion process that melts and reforms the metal enhances the corrosive resistance even further. The installation of extruded aluminium window frames results in an economic maintenance programme. They never need painting or repairing.

Stylish Performance

Using the aluminium extrusion process to manufacture aluminium window frames is perfect for construction work that requires large batches of uniform frames or smaller quantities for a design that is unique. There is a choice of hundreds of colours that can be incorporated during the process which can be combined with various finishes. The aluminium extrusion process produces window frames that are resistant to the extremes of the weather enabling every building to retain its original, stylish appearance.

Economic Advantages

The manufacture of strong, aesthetic window frames from extruded aluminium is a cost-effective procedure. Aluminium is one of the most economic metals and the extrusion process is versatile, fast and reliable enabling large batches of frames to be produced at cost-effective prices. Complex designs can be manufactured simply and efficiently. Edmo have more than forty years of experience at manufacturing aluminium window frames using the extrusion process making every construction project cost-effective.